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Shindig Digital Programs

Website Design with Custom API Feature

Full Fledge Digital Program SaaS

Shindig came to us initially looking for a basic design and visual prototype that they could then use to go out to raise money and investment to get their digital program, platform and mobile apps off the ground. After pounding the pavement they were able to raise money and start work on the admin and client portal that would eventually power the Android and Apple apps that would be the bread and butter of the Shindig ecosystem.

We were able to solve the following needs and challenges:

  • Admin Portal to manage clients and their users
  • Client portal to help manage events, users, team members, etc.
  • Native Android mobile app
  • Native Apple mobile app
  • Integration that allowed for payment and storage of tickets on the user device
  • Stripe integration allowing payout of percentages to both Shindig and their clients based on ticketing sales

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