Pierian Training Website
Pierian Training Website

Ecommerce & LMS for online education brand Pierian Training

Project overview:

  • SEO best practices
  • Easy to manage content
  • Branding in context of Educate360 umbrella brand
  • Ecommerce with subscriptions, bundles, multiple payment methods
  • Fully custom 2-way WooCommerce/Salesforce integration

We were able to meet and exceed the following needs:

  • Excellent design and branding, taking client's vision into a polished end product
  • Accomplished client goal of a site that's easy to edit / manage by marketing team (sans coding)
  • Good communication through a difficult / delayed build process (being honest here, not sure how to best frame for public presentation)
  • Great SEO and custom schema implementation
  • Well-built infrastructure for Salesforce integration, following best practices for architecture, source code, logging, API integration and security, admin UX, modularity for future use on other sites, etc.

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