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Osana Mosquito Repellent Soap

A Cause-based Company Worth Developing

YAY, no more bugs! Anything that actually works, makes it so I don't have to use sticky insect repellent, is not overly priced and donates to a 3rd world country is great in my book.

The Opportunity

Deaths related to malaria and sanitation based illnesses, which are widespread in many parts of the world, are completely preventable. Never Settle acquired Osana because it is an incredible product, uniquely positioned to make an impact in both areas. It is an all-natural mosquito repellent bar of soap which helps prevent mosquito bites while improving sanitation conditions. It also operates with the core business model of donating at least 20% of all sales to impact those world causes which again aligns with the Never Settle eco-system. In order to achieve and maintain this positive affect on a worldwide scale, Osana needed a brand, technology platform and fulfillment solution that could support their global awareness and distribution needs. Never Settles mission is about relationships and people and so Osana was super intriguing and the journey has been rewarding.

The Journey

We started by creating the brand and messaging. We wanted both to be applicable and appealing to westerners while communicating the world causes Osana was established to address. Once we finalized the name, brand and messaging, we then developed marketing material, the website, multiple eCommerce stores, and a custom order fulfillment technology to automate shipping from every online cart including Amazon. With this foundation in place, we continue to streamline the company's business processes and establish the global partnerships necessary to ensure our donation channels are effective in their impact on malaria. The skills and team that Never Settle brings to the table are the key to seeing the mission come to fruition.

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