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NS FBA for WooCommerce

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for WordPress

This plugin is EXACTLY what I needed for my website! Amazon FBA is a no-brainer for companies with products to ship, and WooCommerce lacks any integration with FBA. After scouring the internet, NS FBA is the only solution I have found that lets me select which products I want fulfilled though FBA, and map corresponding FBA shipping methods to the WooCommerce shipping options. Nice and simple, and it works flawlessly. The thoughtful responses and quick updates I received from Andrew are icing on the cake!

Market Demands

One of the challenges that we needed to solve for our Osana Project was automating fulfillment and shipping. We looked high and low for an existing solution to integrate WooCommerce with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), but couldn't find anything. However, we found lots of other people searching for the exact same thing. It blew our minds that no one had done this yet despite several prominent conversations about it on relevant forums going back years.

Never Settle Supplies

So we built it. For ourselves. And for every other merchant who also wanted to integrate their WooCommerce store with Amazon's popular fulfillment services. Since we needed it for Osana, we knew that any feature request development and support time required would also benefit our own cart. Due to the existing market demand, and no other supply, we quickly jumped to the top SEO positions for relevant searches. It has quickly become one of our best customer-driven premium Wordpress plugins.

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