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Wordpress Cloner for Multisite

I literally built my business by using this plugin. I create many websites per week and cloning them saves me hours. The REPLACE feature is priceless. AHHHH thank you thank you.

A Tedious Process

It is a time consuming process to manage a WordPress Multisite Network with lots of sites or blogs. One of the most tedious processes is creating and configuring each initial site. For each and every one, you typically have to create it in the network admin dashboard, choose the theme, configure all the theme settings, activate the right plugins, configure all the plugin settings, add widgets and set them up, add users, add and customize default posts and pages, setup the menus, and on and on. This can take hours per site and it is usually very repetitive. We do not like redundant, time intensive tasks. Creative minds should be freed to spend their time much more productively.

Save Tons of Time with a Wordpress Cloner for Multisite

A Massive Time Saver

We originally created the NS Cloner to save ourselves tons of time building sites by automating that normal, tedious process. The more we used it the more we refined and expanded it. Now, currently in version 3, it is an incredibly powerful Wordpress cloning system for WordPress Multisite. There are other site copiers out there, but nothing comes close to the flexibility and level of cloning control that the NS Cloner provides. It includes enterprise-grade features like an intelligent search and replace engine and developer-friendly functions such as its well-documented cloning pipeline with plenty of hooks and filters. Most of all though, it is incredibly easy to understand and simple to use. Creating sites in WordPress Multisite has never been so fast or painless.

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