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A powerful list app thats simple to use

The app is definitely functional for what I need. I'm using it to categorize my home improvement projects. I like that you can assign tags to your items and a budget! I had been searching for a good list app for some time and this is honestly the best one. I did pay to upgrade to the full version because it was worth it. Suggestions: allow an 'enter' to the next line in the notes section, allow you to share your list with others, a way to check off something as 'completed', add 'date to complete' and/or 'date of start' with an option to connect to your calendar, add pictures to your lists, and an aesthetics update to coincide with new operating system. Thanks! Love the app so far!

Making a List

List Engine was born out of the desire to create a list management app that had more options for re-use as well as the ability to manage lists flexibly. So many of the list creation and management apps out there are more of a one time use experience. We wanted to create something different and focus on providing users with the ability to not only re-use entire lists, but also create a robust item library from which they could quickly and efficiently spin up new lists while sitting at the kitchen table or on the fly while out and about.

Don't Do it Twice

When creating lists, users start in the same place they did last week or the week before and tweak the list. We created List Engine lists to be flexible by allowing for quick re-use and adjustment rather than requiring duplicate entry. As users create more and more lists and gather and input item details, the List Engine item library grows and provides ways to re-use already added items. Basic item information is utilized to understand potential budgets for a list.

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