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Video On-Demand Membership Platform

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Enterprise Problem

JellyTelly was running into a variety of issues that commonly confront products in the version 1 phase of their life cycle. It's membership growth rate was stagnating due to a spectrum of reasons. Some of these from the user perspective included a site architecture and design that made content discovery too difficult, the lack of search functionality, and no self-serve tools for membership management. The version 1 platform was also preventing growth from an organization standpoint. Among other issues, it could not capture consolidated analytics across devices and services, the process of adding new content was tedious and error-prone, and there was no flexibility for testing different price points and member levels. They also had no third party distribution points like iOS apps, Android Apps, and TV Apps like Roku.

Lean Enterprise Solution

We spent weeks brainstorming and consulting with JellyTelly to conceptualize their dream platform and how to best address all the specific dilemmas of the current version. We also explored a detailed visual re-branding. With their priorities clearly mapped out, we began the exciting process of engineering a custom enterprise web application that met their requirements for a robust version 2. We delivered a new, enterprise level Video On-Demand (VOD) Membership Platform for JellyTelly which had the following remarkable characteristics: a custom WordPress foundation, deep integration into industry-leading services like Ooyala for video delivery and Intercom for member data and marketing automation, detailed and consolidated analytics across all services and devices, and simple but powerful tools to easily manage every aspect of the platform from content to members.

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