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In elementary Hebrew and this app is making the first 2 chapters a breeze! Thank you truly for this app. It is helping me tremendously.

Lack of Options

We designed and developed the Hebrew Flashcards app out of our own personal passion to learn the Hebrew language. After spending vast amounts of time searching the app store we found that true beginner tools were not available. Most apps we found were complicated and bloated in terms of features, ads, etc. With our paper flashcards wearing out, we decided to create our very own flashcards app to learn the Hebrew alphabet for the true beginner that was easy to use and consume.

A Starting Place

We created a simple flashcard app that focused on character recognition, names and pronunciation. We wanted to provide users various options in which they could consume the Hebrew alphabet from casual practice sessions to timed quizzes. We were able to create a simple app that is easy to use and a great entry point into reading, writing and speaking the Hebrew language and accessible through your mobile phone or tablet device.

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