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Thanks again for your work. We're really blown away at the quality, look and feel of the site with the minimal input we provided. Great job and it's a pleasure to be working with you.

A Common Problem

Creative Trust, like many other top tier companies, ran into a common problem–they had a legacy web site that did not adequately convey the caliber or success of their brand. They also faced other challenges such as how to communicate the diversity of their business offerings in music, literature, audience development, and media as well as how to showcase the success of each of those organizations within the company. Creative Trust was looking for someone to rebuild their web identity and brand so they could continue doing what they do best–focusing on managing other creative brands and developing audiences for their leading content creators.

A Unique Solution

This is a common problem for many successful businesses, and we worked directly with Creative Trust to find a unique solution that fit their corporate identity. Tapping into our extensive custom web development background, we produced a simple and clean site for them with many powerful UI and UX features built into the visitor experience. We applied a design philosophy focused on the products as the visual heroes. Taking this one step further, we shaped the layout and overall site design based on the individual products' design. We leveraged our in-house graphic design to visually portray both the caliber of brands Creative Trust manages as well as significant milestones in their success story.

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