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Custom Bitcoin Payment Gateway

The Opportunity (BBA) had a custom subscription website that required expensive developer hours to make even small changes or add new features. They were evaluating a migration to WordPress and MemberMouse to eliminate these routine, expensive costs, but they needed a way to allow members to pay via Bitcoin. MemberMouse wasn't interested in building a Bitcoin gateway with limited customer demand, so they put us in touch with BBA. This type of innovation–creating new technologies to combine existing services–sits perfectly in our sweet spot of experience and interest.

The Deliverables

In order to satisfy all of BBA's requirements, we actually ended up building two Bitcoin payment gateways for MemberMouse. They both integrated tightly with the rich membership subscription features provided by MemberMouse and leveraged Coinbase's API. There were extensive conditions and edge cases that we had to think through and handle. It also had to be a very secure and robust solution since it inherently dealt with online payments. The final product felt like a native part of MemberMouse and facilitated both Coinbase payments and pure Bitcoin wallet payments.

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