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When Renewing came to us they didn’t have a name, brand, site, or even one customer. But what they did have is a big vision and a passion to help people. The entire foundation of Renewing’s site was based on a single bold statement that also defined them.

Executing a Great Idea

The Renewing All Things team had a both a noteworthy and great idea, however needed help in taking their idea from being a concept to being a complete company. Renewing had a vast amount of deeply impactful content that they needed to get in front of their audience. However they needed help in how to bring this content and ideas to the market.

What the Client Had to Say

"I’ve been steeped in the health food and traditional cooking movement for almost 10 years, and still this course is so helpful. It takes a ton of overwhelming information and sifts it down to an understandable and very applicable format. I highly recommend it!"

Renewing All Things

Renewing All Things
Renewing All Things
Renewing All Things
Renewing All Things

Shared Vision + Experienced Team

We were able to put our full team of seasoned entrepreneurs behind Renewing to develop a long term identity and brand strategy. Within that process Never Settle worked beside Renewing All Things to develop the brand name, brand imaging, content strategy, and web platform used as the main content delivery channel.


Custom WordPress
Learning Management System



Creative Direction
Visual Design
UI/ UX Design


Brand Strategy
UX Strategy
Content Strategy

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