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  • PriceLab a/b Price Testing Logo

    PriceLab: A/B Price Testing for WooCommerce

    SIMPLE YET EXTREMELY POWERFUL Live A/B Testing Maintain Price for User Test Multiple Products Test Analytics Turn Tests On/Off Track Conversions Plus More! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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  • NS Google Sheets Connector Pro

    NS Google Sheets Connector PRO

    This PRO version allows you to create connections between UNLIMITED Contact Form 7 forms and Google Spreadsheets.

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  • NS Cloner Pro

    NS Cloner Pro

    Clone WordPress Sites in seconds (for Multisite ONLY). The NS WordPress Cloner Pro is the best and most complete WordPress Multisite Cloning solution you can get. It has several different subscription options with incredible features to meet almost any scenario, and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee! Check out the overview for some of the most powerful functionality it offers, and explore the Features section to see what all it can do. This amazing tool saves WordPress Multisite Network administrators countless hours per new site they configure and manage.

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  • NS Slidebar

    Add a sliding sidebar to your WordPress site without modifying any code, simply install this free plugin and have a clean effective sliding panel with built in site search and widget area. Add widgets to create the perfect CTA's for your site that the user will see when they click on the sliding sidebar.

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  • NS Lean Startup Experiment Tool

    Simple yet powerful tool that allows you to create and run successful Lean Startup Experiments. We get that every team works differently and on different devices, because of that we have included many formats. This Lean Startup Experiment Tool is FREE and will help bring collaboration and focus to your team to create measurable and defined Lean Startup experiments and tests. By using this tool your business or startup team will be able to conduct, manage, and make validated decisions based on your Lean test results.

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  • NS Redirection and Google Analytics Campaign Link Builder

    A FREE plugin to easily create Google Analytics Campaign URLs with all the proper parameters and wire them to friendly URLs for use in landing pages, newsletters, plugins, forums, etc. with built in redirection all in one WordPress plugin!

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  • NS WordPress Plugin Template

    A FREE, simple, fully functional and reusable WordPress plugin template that does NOTHING except give you a huge head start on building a new plugin.

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  • NS FBA for WooCommerce

    Save tons of time and automate your order fulfillment with WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment! WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment integrates your WooCommerce store with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to enable automated order fulfillment and delivery. Your store must be in one of the following regions/countries served by Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS): North America: United States, Canada Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom (UK) India China Japan 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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  • NS Automation for WordPress SEO

    NS Automation will enable you to easily include unlimited custom fields in the Yoast keyword analysis + build smart meta descriptions from custom field content, and has a 30 day money back guarantee! Ever wanted to have your custom fields evaluated as part of the post's content in the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin's keyword statistics? Or automatically generate meta descriptions from a custom field instead of the main content area? With NS Automation for Wordpress SEO, now you can!

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