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Pretend we know nothing about your business, give us a compelling description of who your organization is, and what you do.
Who is the target client/customer that you are trying to reach? (ex. 30-50 year old mothers of young children, middle income)
What are your target geographic locations?
If they were using a search engine, what words or phrases would your audience use to find your site? Please rank them from MOST important to LEAST important.
Who are your top three competitors? Please provide URL's for each.

Conversion Information

What are your unique differentiators & value propositions you offer?
What accolades, awards, testimonials, etc do you have?
What are the things you want to convert on and track monthly

Basic Site Information

Your Current Sites Admin Credentials
Example: Wordpress, SquareSpace, Shopify, WebFlow, WIX, etc.
Domain Registrar / Host URL and Credentials Copy
This should be account information with a company like GoDaddy or similar. We will need this information in order to make your site live.
Google Analytics Credentials
If you already have an active Google Analytics account, what is that number?

Social Media

We need this information in order to connect your accounts to your new website. For some social media accounts that will mean that you need to give us your personal account logins. We always handle these logins with utmost privacy, and we will let you know when the accounts are connected, should you then desire to reset your personal passwords.

Look, Feel and Design

Provide URLs to 3 or more sites that you like the look and feel of. This site has examples if you need some help: http://www.awwwards.com/awards-of-the-day/
Customer Connection Email
When someone fills out a form on your website, what email address would you like it to go to?

Advanced Site Features

Please mark all that are relevant to your site build. (Check all that apply).
Please give any logins and passwords to these 3rd party systems you would like integrated (if applicable)

Final Thoughts

Additional Info
Please provide any other items or preferences that we should know about that haven't been covered that could add to the complexity or scope of your project?
Are there other services that you might be interested in learning more about?
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