Marketing site and brand refresh to increase user registration

Men and Women of Discomfort (MWOD) is a unique community that provides a transformational experience to individuals through a membership. Never Settle partnered with MWOD for a rebrand and redesign of a Webflow site, aiming to convey their narrative in a manner that resonates with their audience through design and messaging.

Webflow Development
UI/UX Design

"We love the site! It feels much more directed, getting to the heart of it and pushing them [customers] to action. Well done! Thank you for your work on this."

Mitchell Dong
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MWOD needed to refine their brand messaging. They also needed a design refresh to guide the buyer journey
Refinement of brand messaging and effectively communicate the what, why, and how of their unique offering.
A bold website design with clear messaging that effectively attracts their target audience to increase membership sign-up rates.
Home Page Desktop
Home Page Mobile
MWOD offers a one-of-a-kind community experience, and they had a self-built website that wasn’t able to capture the unique brand messaging of who they are.
We collaborated on a rebrand, content messaging, and site redesign to help tell their story in a way that connected with their audience through design, trust, and messaging.
Initial Concepts
Final Logo

The logo represents their brand symbol: a buffalo running into the storm. The psychology behind this concept led to the intentional direction of the logo which faces outward to the left rather than to the right as logos typically do.


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