Rebrand and marketing site redesign to increase local engagement

Habitat for Humanity Denver is a local nonprofit ogranization. Never Settle worked with Habitat for Humanity Denver to merge their four separate sites into one consistent marketing site. The objective involved increasing donor engagement, volunteer participation, and community involvement in their home programs.

Habitat for Humanity Denver
Habitat for Humanity Denver
UI/UX Design
WordPress Development

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They had four websites built on four different platforms with fragmented brand experiences and separate user experiences.
Condense their separate platforms and communicate their story for increased donate, volunteered, and got involved in their housing programs.
One cohesive site for Habitat for Humanity Denver with a fluid user experience aligned to their newly refined brand.
Home Page Desktop
Home Page Mobile
Habitat for Humanity Denver needed to merge into one cohesive brand through an engaging UI/UX design.
Never Settle helped define their brand visuals through fundamental colors, clean font, and clear messaging that flowed into a harmoneous and organized website.
Initial Concepts
Final Logo

The logo is consistent with the parent organization to unify the entity.


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