New eCommerce platform for a flooring company with 1000s of skus

Denver Carpet and Flooring is a local company offering extensive flooring products. We built a custom eCommerce site for their business and implemented seamless integration into their CRM to increase in-home consultations. The site includes product data collection per product and unique photo galleries per product variation.

Denver Carpet and Flooring
Denver Carpet and Flooring
WordPress Development
Content Marketing

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Denver Carpet and Flooring had an outdated site that wasn't appealing to their audience.
They needed a fresh design that showed off their inventory and promoted in-home consultations.
A modern eCommerce site with increased online traffic and a streamlined user experience.
Home Page Desktop
Home Page Mobile
They needed a new site that pulled in and integrated their inventory of thousands of products so customers could view inventory and shop online.
We built a WordPress site that supported their inventory and displayed the variations of each product variation with a tailored photo gallery.
Initial Concepts
Final Logo

The bright colors immediately grab user attention and directs them through the online buyer journey.


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