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NS Lean Startup Experiement Tool

lean start up experiment tool

Product information

Lean startup offers incredible insight and methodology to run your business, product, or new feature in a smarter more productive way.  The beauty of Lean Startup is that it’s a methodology and not an exact formula.  However because it’s not an exact formula that also has a downside in that it’s harder to create systematic tests to validate your use, implementation, and modification of that methodology to your own business.  We found that with this open ended tool – regardless of how you practice Lean Startup principles it will allow you to have the type of Measurable Accounting Eric Ries often speaks about allowing you to make data driven decisions and pivots.

Lean Startup Experiment Tool Main Features:

  1. Collaborate with Your Team in the Office or Online Through the Google Drive
  2. Ability to Conduct Multiple Tests and Review Them Against Each Other
  3. Understand and Define Your MACRO and MICRO Leap of Faith Assumptions
  4. Determine Your Engine of Growth Assumption
  5. Define Your Customer, Customer Problem, and Solution
  6. Define Your Actual Testing Experiment, Success Criteria and Experiment Time Frame
  7. Allows You to Measure Your Results, Conclude Decisions and Actions, and Document Your Validated Learning
  8. Simple Tool that Works and Doesn’t Get in the Way