In this episode we explore different Biblical tools and principles that can guide our decision making and whether or not the principle found in the account of Gideon and the Fleece “test” is applicable or even acceptable for us today. How are we to make righteous decisions that lead to action and what are the tools that can help us in that process?

Some of the decision making tools that we discuss:

  • Biblical teachings and the already established Word of Yah
  • Prayer
  • Fasting
  • Multiple Confirming Witnesses
  • Getting counsel and advice from elders and trusted peers

Verses referenced:

  • Judges 6:27-40 (the story of Gideon and the Fleece)
  • Matthew 18:16 (the principle of multiple witnesses)
  • John 5 (Messiah applying the multiple witnesses principle to His ministry)

A great and related teaching by Francis Chan (not the one we referenced in the podcast as we couldn’t find that exact one, but this one is also excellent and on-topic):