NS Redirection and Google Analytics Campaign Link Builder

Product Information

This plugin simplifies the process and combines the power of redirection in WordPress and campaign links in Google Analytics to generate special URLs that you can use wherever you want to keep detailed tracking on your conversion sources and metrics. This is the same kind of tracking used by expensive tools and services like Improvely, MailChimp, etc. Why pay for all that fancy reporting when Google Analytics will report the same data if it is fed the right information. This plugin automates feeding it the right info.

This is the same plugin template we use in-house at Never Settle to start most of our plugin projects. We found that we were doing a lot of the same things over and over again, so we built this to save ourselves time and now we are sharing it with the WordPress Community!

NS Redirection and GA Campaign Link Builder Features:

  1. Full campaign link builder and manager
  2. Quickly and dynamically build campaign links
  3. Copy an existing campaign link and edit to create a new one
  4. Delete old campaign links (use with caution as it will also remove the redirection)
  5. Specify the SEO-friendly target link for the redirection
  6. Full control over all campaign properties like campaign name, etc.
  7. Built-in help guidance for each setting and field
  8. Redirection engine redirects incoming requests from SEO-friendly links to target campaign links.
  9. View campaign traffic and conversion data in Google Analyics (requires a proper GA configuration including e-commerce anabled)

Create and Manage Multiple Redirects

NS Redirection Campaign Link Builder



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