12 Products in 12 Weeks eBook

12 Products in 12 Weeks eBook

walks through real-world challenges

easy to follow guidance

both a practical guide and a entrepreneurial journal

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Product Information

This is the true story of a 12 week journey through rapid product development and practicing Lean principles, which focuses on the lessons we collected through our experiences along the way. The book walks through the real-world challenges and breakthroughs we had while persevering through a new product launch every week for 12 weeks. It also documents our mistakes and provides easy to follow guidance and ways to apply all the things we learned in your own business or product development adventures. It’s both a practical guide and a entrepreneurial journal filled with epic imagery that will help you remember the lessons is covers.

Chapters and Lessons covered in this Lean eBook:

  • WEEK ZERO – Background (Free Download)
  • WEEK ONE – Innovate Today while Planning for the Future
  • WEEK TWO – Indispensable User Feedback
  • WEEK THREE – The Value of Unrealistic Deadlines
  • WEEK FOUR – Better Questions Produce Better Products
  • WEEK FIVE – The Other Side of Product Development
  • WEEK SIX – Pivots and Portfolio Diversity
  • WEEK EIGHT – Small Batches
  • WEEK NINE – Fighting Scope Creep
  • WEEK TEN – The Demand Intersection
  • WEEK ELEVEN – The Power of Passion
  • WEEK TWELVE – The Experience Multiplier
  • NEXT STEPS – The Ongoing Journey

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Epic Images Make the Material Memorable

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$17.99 $7.99

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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