The Never Settle Team

"Existing Outside the Box"

Kenn Kelly Operations, UX & Solutions

Passion for life and living each moment to the fullest. Deep understanding of software and web applications. Against the grain culture definier. Entrepreneur with both Fortune 100 and Silicon Valley startup experience which provide a unique insight into customer experience and UI/UX in relation to product development.

Shaul Hagen UI, UX & Graphic Design

A curator of design elements, technology and tools. Interpreting peoples design dreams into reality is just one of his unique characteristics. Although enjoyment levels with CSS, HTML and Photoshop are everlasting, UX/UI have become one of Shaul's preferred passions. After 10 years he still loves learning new skills to enhance his skill set.

Andrew Lundquist Technology Architecture

All or nothing. Blessed with an amazing spectrum of adventures in service to my King: Joyful father of 7, Full-Time Nomad, Multiple Company Owner, White House Systems Architect, HP Technology Consultant, Air Force officer, Writer, Musician, Survivalist, Box Smasher. Life is sacred. Truth Refines. Love Fiercely.

Nick Parsons Development & Apprenticeship

Both a frontend and backend developer and swift problem solver specializing in WordPress. Passion for breaking new ground with innovative solutions. Blessed to be a servant of the King and learning something new every day as a proud member of the Never Settle team.

Nate Phillips Accounting & Control

Numbers, spreadsheets & organization are a passion and love. Getting to work and serve with good friends is an ultimate joy! Music, sound and rhythm are the perfect outlet for my creativity. Spending time with my wife and 2 boys in Colorado is the best.

Megan Kelly Brand Management

Writer, researcher at heart, and avid seeker of truth and balance. Licensed Estheticain turned health coach with a passion to see peoples lives radically changed. Marketing brands of truth, and spreading life and passion throughout the world. Co-creator of Renewingallthings.com, sharing all things nourishing to the mind, body, and spirit.

SDK SEO & Support

Dedicated problem solver and search engine guru with an eagerness to learn and engage in community. Lover and creator of nature, music and art with a penchant for the surreal, the sublime and the uncanny.

Victor Omelchuk Web Development

Alexey Web Development

Jimmy Truong App & Web Development


Shaul Hagen
Nick Parsons
Andrew Lundquist
Megan Kelly
Kenn Kelly
Nate Phillips


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