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WordPress Development

We are addicted to solving problems, and we love pushing the boundaries of WordPress to tackle even the most complex business needs on the Web. Have you always thought WordPress was just a nice blogging platform or maybe even a good CMS (Content Management System) at best? Think again, and check out our WordPress Projects and Case Studies to see how we leverage WordPress to build everything from corporate websites to membership communities and video on-demand platforms to e-commerce solutions. We’re also stretching WordPress into some radical new territory such as a custom POS (Point of Sale) and inventory management system. There is nothing like drinking your own kool-aid, and we even use WordPress internally for a variety of business functions including CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and automated product fulfillment.

Speaking of product fulfillment, in addition to our custom WordPress development services we also build technologies, products, and premium plugins for WordPress. We created the first and so far only stand-alone solution to integrate FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) with WordPress and WooCommerce, because we needed an automated shipping solution for our Osana Project and nothing else existed. We also created and maintain the most flexible and powerful site cloning technology available for WordPress Multisite.

Do you have big dreams of something you’d like to accomplish on the web? Contact us – we’d be thrilled to show you how Never Settle and WordPress can help you achieve your online business goals.

Every Day is the Best Day Ever

Our culture at Never Settle is anchored by a few fundamental core principles:

  1. We rejoice in every single day because it is a privilege and a blessing to be alive one more day on planet earth.
  2. We take responsibility for every moment we’ve been given by doing our best to steward all of our resources to help others.
  3. We guard our priorities. Work is not in a separate box – it’s a joyful and integral part of life, but other priorities like Family come first.
  4. We passionately pursue objective truth in our professional and personal lives and value radical transparency in all of our community and business relationships.
  5. We believe in a reality-based approach to problem solving. This means discovering and resolving core causes and not just trying to superficially address symptoms. If Never Settle or WordPress is not right for you, we will be the first to tell you. If the solution we’re working on with you actually points to a bigger problem beneath the surface, we will help you identify and solve it.

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