How to Request NS Cloner Support Documentation

Use the Plugin’s Built-in Support Request Feature

The best way to receive the fastest support we can provide on any of our plugins is to use the built in Support and Feature Requests button that we put in all of our plugins. This can be found in each plugin’s sidebar.

Because the Cloner is such an advanced and complex plugin which depends on a correctly configured hosting environment and multisite installation, we built detailed logging to assist with support when something goes wrong. As part of the Support and Feature Requests Feedback button built into the Cloner we include a way to copy and send us the logs from cloning operations in your environments. This saves us a lot of time in troubleshooting whereas otherwise we’d have to ask a lot of questions every time, and helps us provide faster resolutions to the issues you might experience with the NS Cloner in your environment.

To send us the logs, and create a support ticket, follow these steps:

1. Click the Support and Feature Requests button in the NS Cloner

2. – 4. Copy the logs URLs and Click Continue to Support

5. Check our Knowledge Base for your Issue

6. Click Contact Support if you cannot find and answer

7. – 9. Paste your logs, fill out the form, and click Send Message