Why We're Different

" We're bored thinking outside the box ... instead we strive to EXIST outside the box "

We believe that our core values are paramount, character defining and we hold to them without exception. It starts with Integrity internally and externally regardless of who is watching. We celebrate our wins, triumphs and milestones, living life to the fullest and resting in the blessing of Providence. We strive to be servant leaders with a first in, last out example-driven approach. We know that success is a journey and not a destination.

We're a minimalist company striving to be good stewards of everything we have been given and are a part of. We believe that people are everything and don't compromise on talent, the clients we choose to work with, or the Never Settle technology products we design and market.

Our Axiom

"To deliver a customer & employee experience That lives up to our name."

It's not what we do... It's how we do it. Because of our lean approach we have to execute better and learn faster through diligent self initiative realizing that what we know today will be outdated tomorrow. It's how we do it. We confront the brutal truths of the current situation at hand without wavering in finding elegant solutions to the most complex problems. While we are a tech company we believe technology is a value accelerator not a creator.

Meet Our Founders

Andrew LundquistTechnology Architecture
All or nothing. Blessed with an amazing spectrum of adventures in service to my King: Joyful father of 7, Full-Time Nomad, Multiple Company Owner, White House Systems Architect, HP Technology Consultant, Air Force officer, Writer, Musician, Survivalist, Box Smasher. Life is sacred. Truth Refines. Love Fiercely.
Kenn KellyOperations, UX & Solutions
Passion for life and living each moment to the fullest. Deep understanding of software and web applications. Against the grain culture definier. Entrepreneur with both Fortune 100 and Silicon Valley startup experience which provide a unique insight into customer experience and UI/UX in relation to product development.
Shaul HagenUI, UX & Graphic Design
Shaul Hagen is a curator of design elements, technology and tools. Interpreting peoples design dreams into reality is just one of his unique characteristics. Although enjoyment levels with CSS, HTML and Photoshop are everlasting, UX/UI have become one of Shaul's preferred passions. After 10 years he still loves learning new skills to enhance his skill set.

Our Clients and how they are changing the world


We engineer business paradigms and technologies that empower organizations to operate more effectively within their core identity and achieve their primary vision objectives in the most efficient and impactful ways possible.

Web Development

From custom website design and programming to tailor-made business software tools for seo, marketing, and operations - we cover it all.


Beyond plugins and themes, WordPress is much more than a CMS - it is our playground and framework of choice for building full-blown custom applications.

Custom Solutions

Ground-up or existing product integrations; We design, execute, and deploy technology tools to streamline & support your business operations.

Process Ninjutsu

Golden Rule Consulting: our experience offers a wealth of deep process analysis to solution-mapping, but if we can't meet your need we'll be the first to tell you.

Complex Problem?

What Our Clients Say

  • " Thanks again for your work. We're really blown away at the quality, look and feel of the site with the minimal input we provided. Great job and it's a pleasure to be working with you. "

    Erick GossPartner, Creative Trust Media

  • “ The Never Settle team is creative, responsive, collaborative, enthusiastic and energetic. And the end result is a rich, easy-to-navigate website that represents our company beautifully.”

    Joan JohnsonSue Thomas F.B.Eye

  • " I am soo grateful for the site Never Settle built me, it has allowed me to really raise my level of professionalism and consequently get booked at some of the best venues in the world, Red Rocks, Global Dance Festival, Coachella, Skylab, AwesomenessFest, and a myriad of other events that I would never of been considered for with just a facebook or youtube page. It has been a total GAME CHANGER... It's been a complete blessing Thanks Guys! "


  • " Hi guys, just a quick note to say Thank you so much for working with our team so well! We are so happy with the work and grateful for your thoughtful responses. We are learning so much! "

    Denise George VP & Representative, Sue Thomas F.B.Eye

  • " I checked out the site last night and it is exciting to have bankwing several layers higher with regard to our website quality. I know I have thanked you many times, but one more thank you again for this excellent site! "

    Joseph Schmidt Principal, bankwing

  • " It was a privilege working with Never Settle.  They made the whole process so easy and took the time to genuinely listen to our specific and unique needs while delivering on all of our requests.  We have gotten fantastic feedback from our clients on how easy the site is to use. Thanks! "

    Tiffany Degnan Owner, Origins Catering