Wordcamp Denver Kenn KellyEach year I’m more impressed with the WordCamp Denver volunteer team! They continue to set the bar of what a high caliber professional WordCamp can be.  This year we had fantastic sponsors and a great range of speakers, many of which were local.  While there was a wide range of topics, I had the honor of  getting to dive into all things ecommerce at WordCamp Denver this year. WooCommerce and EasyDigitalDownloads made an appearnce which was great to partner with by speaking on eCommerce.

As consumer behavior changes so has #eCommerce.

Whether you develop or run a digital or physical eCommerce business and are doing memberships, subscriptions or simple products this talk was designed to dive into the depths of eCommerce. Focusing first on best practices that should be the foundation of your eCommerce site and then moving into strategic insights and changes you can expect going into 2017.  As well as, looking at common misconceptions and pitfalls in eCommerce.

WordCamp Denver, eCommerce Going into 2017

Get prepared for the holiday season and 2017 with the latest to make the most of your WordPress eCommerce site.

At a high level the talk above will unpack the following: