Why Never Settle Uses WPEngine for WordPress Hosting

Yes, to ensure there is no beating around the bush - Never Settle is an affiliate with WPEngine's WordPress Hosting. However, I'll also say that in a web of oversaturated blog posts we'd write this regardless. Why? Because one, we're only affiliates of products we personally use on our own sites, and two, we believe they…
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WordCamp Denver 2016 – eCommerce

Each year I'm more impressed with the WordCamp Denver volunteer team! They continue to set the bar of what a high caliber professional WordCamp can be.  This year we had fantastic sponsors and a great range of speakers, many of which were local.  While there was a wide range of topics, I had the honor…
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The Best way to Connect Amazon, WordPress, and NS FBA for WooCommerce

NS FBA for WooCommerce is the BEST way to use Fulfillment by Amazon with WordPress Have you ever wanted to integrate WordPress, WooCommerce, and Amazon Fulfillment (FBA)? Well, it's not only possible, but extremely easy with our NS FBA for WooCommerce plugin. This video shows you exactly how. This video demonstrates how easy it is…
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Product of the Week #11: NS Music Pack Volume 1

Get your groove on with the NS Royalty Free Music Pack Volume 1 We really broke the mold this week and went after one of the Never Settle staffs passions.... music! Music has been a big part of all our lives in one way or another over the years. From touring and playing music professionally…
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Product of the Week #10: NS Slidebar WordPress Sidebar Plugin

Leave us a comment and let us know what additional features you would like to see in the best WordPress Sidebar Plugin and we'll take a look! Download NS Slide Bar for Free! Expanded CTA's no Search Results Custom Styles Sidebar Collapsed Search Results and CTA's

Product of the Week #8: WordPress Daily Deal Site Udder Deals

As you know we LOVE WordPress, however we didn't want to bore you with just WordPress plugins during our 12 New Products in 12 Weeks marathon. This week, product 8, we are launching a product/site that we are really excited to announce "Udder Deals".  You read correctly, udder like a cow!  UdderDeals.com is a premium WordPress daily deal and…
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Product of the Week #1: FBA for WooCommerce Extension

We are excited to release the first of 12 products in our crazy 12 New Products in 12 Weeks marathon: a premium plugin to integrate Amazon Fulfillment (FBA) with the very popular WooCommerce e-commerce platform for WordPress. To our knowledge this is the ONLY FBA for WooCommerce extension that exists to date. We know because we…
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NS Cloner V3 Transforms Site Cloning in WordPress Multisite (again)

The NS Cloner V3 is Officially Released! This latest version of the NS Cloner brings a flood of new innovations and improvements in both the WP multisite plugin itself as well as all of the supporting infrastructure around it. There are a LOT of changes going on here, and we've tried to make it a…
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