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iEmpathize & Be Relentless

Central Content Sites and eCommerce to Raise Support and Awareness for Eliminating Child Trafficking

The Needs

iEmpathize is a small organization tackling a worldwide problem. They needed tools to address a global audience for raising awareness and support around the globe. They also required a solution that provided e-commerce and content management across multiple sites. It was really important all sites have a consistent design so users always know they are in the iEmpathize network no matter which site they are viewing.

Our Support

We are enthusiastic advocates of iEmpathize (iE) both as an organization and as individuals, and we can’t say enough good about them. As experts in custom WordPress development, we created a unified template for use across each branch and initiative of iE. This allows us to quickly build new sites for them while ensuring a seamless web presence network through which their non-technical team can easily manage their own content and e-commerce.


Getting Serious about a Serious Problem

iEmpathize uses art, photography, and video to engage and educate people about the world epidemic of child trafficking. Websites allowing them to visually express their story and solutions to this critical issue are essential to their success. In addition, iEmpathize had a variety of technical requirements for their network in order to manage their day to day business needs. Those included:

One of their largest requirements, as the organization adapts and grows, is having the flexibility in their network for individual sites to quickly evolve with new initiatives and conditions.  iEmpathize’s web presence is an ongoing project and it was critical to build a scalable solution they can continue to add onto, which adapts with them so they do not have to discard any previous work. Be sure to check out their sites each month as new things are constantly added.



“We Empathize”

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