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Ending The Game

Custom Video and Educational Learning Management System with Paid Membership

Worldwide Epidemic

If you’re not familiar with it, ‘the game’ is slang for sex trafficking and prostitution. Ending the Game (ETG) is doing just that. Formed by survivors, they have firsthand insight and passion to see this epidemic finally ended. Ending The Game is a first-of-its-kind Intervention Curriculum for Survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and they wanted to create a digital platform that could distribute and manage their curriculum across the nation.

Stepping Into the Gap

When we heard about Ending the Game, our hearts went out to this cause and we were honored to be part of supporting the difference they are making. We built a custom, secure membership platform paired together with a lean Learning Management System (LMS) to help accelerate their excellent curriculum which empowers and prevents exploitation through education and awareness. We delivered an easy-to-use solution for ETG’s content and members.

Ending the Game - Learning Management System

Where Passion and Tension Intersect

Human trafficking is by far one of the ugliest realities we are facing as a society. There is lots of passion getting leveled at eradicating this evil, and we’re honored to support anyone on the front lines of the battle.  Ending the Game was founded by a group of trafficking survivors who are no longer standing in the shadows of fear. Instead, they are leveraging their experiences to rescue victims and prevent further exploitation. Like many global problems, the solution is people, and that solution starts with education.  Ending the Game has developed a unique curriculum to empower and train those stepping into the gap.

We worked together to create a WordPress membership site and secure platform that accomplishes the following:

  • eCommerce Membership platform automating subscriptions and member management
  • Video-centric curriculum platform
  • Integrated donation platform
  • Support for digital and print curriculum
  • Flexible, simple, easy to manage Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Simple content management system through WordPress
  • Scheduling web forms integrated into admin panel
  • Interactive exercises within curriculum
  • Responsive LMS for Mobile and Tablet devices
  • Clean user interface

Like many of our client partners, Ending the Game has a high growth roadmap in front of them, so developing a web platform that can scale with their needs and be self managed was a critical piece to get right.

“It’s not a life – it’s a game. End the Game”

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