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The Challenge

From a user experience, the previous site and listing CMS did not reflect the caliber of the premier brand with ranch listings ranging between $1M and $70M in purchase price. MIRR needed a site that instilled brand and purchasing confidence with investors while also providing intuitive and easy content publishing tools for non-technical staff to manage and update.

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We developed a custom CMS solution based on a WordPress architecture that was simple to use and intuitive for their staff. Even more importantly, the site re-branding experience focused on bringing the visuals up to the caliber of brand that MIRR Ranch Group is.  It also generated intuitive front end user interfaces and seamless user experiences that supported the brand.

A Custom CMS That Even a Cowboy Would Enjoy

The main goal of the site redesign was to deliver the MIRR Ranch Group with a scalable, self sustaining, self managed web platform solution that represents accelerates their brand value and manages their ranch real estate listings.

We developed a responsive design site built on the Bootstrap framework that Twitter is also built on. This framework combined with the responsive development we did allows the site to resize dynamically based on the size of the screen of the device you are viewing the site on. This is a large improvement over standard mobile development in that its not tied only to the device type but rather the screen size as devices have a wide variety of screen sizes now. One of the other unique developments that was done on www.mirrranchgroup.com is the automated property feeds. With a simple to use admin back-end the MRG staff only needs to select the property types and categories and the properties will dynamically load onto the appropriate pages which are controlled on the user side by a clean set of filters which allow the user to simply filter down to their specific property desires.

The site and listing content management system developed allows MIRR to manage their corporate identity, blog, and real estate listings all from one seamless admin dashboard.

Take a look at the brand and design improvements made from our before and after photos below:

MIRR Ranch Group Listing Page Comparison

MIRR Home Page Comparison

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