Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Responsive Physics Puzzle Game


The client was looking for a non-flash, HTML5, mobile-friendly, responsive game that was fun, engaging and taught Biblical principles. It needed to match the thematic branding of, which is where it would be published. The client also wanted a game comparable to modern puzzle games and their trending styles.


We developed a physics based puzzle game and theme based on the Biblical principle of the Full Armor of God found in Ephesians 6. This was one of the responsive html5 games we built for It works on all devices and operating systems. The game has a user configurable difficulty level. The physics puzzles become more complex and challenging as the player progresses through the stages no matter what difficulty level they have chosen.



Armor Up Features and Benefits


The JellyTelly team hired us to build HTML5 games based on characters from popular programs on their VOD (video on demand) platform. One of these shows called “What’s in the Bible?” features a character named Michael who is a young (puppet) boy learning about the Bible throughout the series.  His character was perfect for a game based on his adventures to obtain the full armor of God.

One challenge we encountered while building this game was creating realistic physics for the puzzle pieces and Michael. We wanted them to closely imitate real world gravity for a predictable and playable experience, but we also wanted to provide a fun challenge. Later stages require skillful manipulation of timing and gravity to maneuver the game pieces and Michael through a series of steps to achieve victory. Each level focuses on one piece of Armor that Michael must obtain. We made it a priority to visually represent the Armor, because it is a children’s game, and visual elements have a much deeper impact than simple descriptions. Below you can see Michael’s journey as he obtains the Armor of God.

Armor Up - Armor of God Progression
The best way to describe a game is to provide a sample level. Be sure to visit to play the full game! Until then, enjoy this sample level!


Play Armor Up

We crave challenges. The harder the problem the better. Bring us yours!



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