Automated AI Video App with User Flows and Simple Wireframes

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Initial Designs for a New App

The client approached us at the beginning of the process looking for some initial designs for the new app, platform, and service they are creating. It was clear early on after a few design conversations that it would be a better fit if we started more foundational with user flows, simple wireframes, and a semi-static prototype using Adobe XD.

UX Flows and Simple Wireframes Can Change the Project Direction Completely

Oftentimes the planning phase is skipped and the excitement of a project leads directly into designs. In the case of Collective Curiosity, the client realized quickly that they were missing this pivotal step and we agreed it would be best to pause high fidelity designs and start from scratch by creating a user flow. From there we would dive into a low fidelity wire frame that would also be utilized as a static prototype that could be navigated through even though it was moving between static imagery. This gave us the feel of the flow that we were looking for and ultimately allowed us, and more importantly, the client, to see gaps in the user experience that would have cost hundreds of hours in development and high fidelity design time. Sometimes you have to slow down to go fast.

User Flows, Simple Wireframes and Semi-Static Clickthrough Prototype

We were excited to work with a client that was not afraid to pivot and also see that they were further in the process than they should have been. They pumped the brakes and we took it back to the basics.

We provided the following assets:

– Initial High Fidelity Designs
– Low Fidelity, Simple Wireframes
– Static Image Clickable Prototype in Adobe XD
– Extensive User Flows and Diagram


We love to work with clients on user flows, wireframes, prototyping, and pre-project consulting. Oftentimes this is where you can save the most money while filling the gaps of misunderstanding. We have found that it allows our team to provide estimates, timelines, and analysis of the level of effort that would have previously been overlooked when not able to understand project specs. Avoiding disappointment and complex surprises by slowing down and counting the costs. We would love to provide consulting and recommendations for your next project, service, or business idea from apps to full-fledged enterprise eCommerce solutions.

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