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  • NS Slidebar - WordPress Sidebar Slider Plugin

    NS Slidebar

    Add a sliding sidebar to your WordPress site without modifying any code, simply install this free plugin and have a clean effective sliding panel with built in site search and widget area. Add widgets to create the perfect CTA's for your site that the user will see when they click on the sliding sidebar.

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  • NS Redirection and GA Campaign Link Builder

    NS Redirection

    A FREE plugin to easily create Google Analytics Campaign URLs with all the proper parameters and wire them to friendly URLs for use in landing pages, newsletters, plugins, forums, etc. with built in redirection all in one WordPress plugin!

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  • NS WordPress Plugin Template

    NS WordPress Plugin Template

    A FREE, simple, fully functional and reusable WordPress plugin template that does NOTHING except give you a huge head start on building a new plugin.

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  • WooCommerce Extension for Amazon Fulfillment NS FBA for WooCommerce Save tons of time and automate your order fulfillment with NS FBA for WooCommerce This is a WooCommerce Extension that integrates your own store with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Check it Out
  • PriceLab a/b Price Testing Logo PriceLab - A/B Price Testing SIMPLE YET EXTREMELY POWERFUL Live A/B Testing Maintain Price for User Test Multiple Products Test Analytics Turn Tests On/Off Track Conversions Plus More 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Product Launch Pricing. Check it Out

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