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Take a look at some of the business tools on offer at NeverSettle.it and learn how they can work for you.

  • 12 Products in 12 Weeks eBook

    The true Never Settle story of how we launched 12 products in 12 weeks, the lessons we learned, and a practical guide for rapid lean product development. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If it doesn't meet your expectations then we don’t want to keep your money. However, we are VERY interested in your feedback, and our only request is that you provide constructive and actionable input whether positive or negative. Get instant access to download the PDF eBook after your successful checkout and payment. Download a free chapter to see what it's all about.

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  • NS Lean Startup Experiment Tool

    Simple yet powerful tool that allows you to create and run successful Lean Startup Experiments. We get that every team works differently and on different devices, because of that we have included many formats. This Lean Startup Experiment Tool is FREE and will help bring collaboration and focus to your team to create measurable and defined Lean Startup experiments and tests. By using this tool your business or startup team will be able to conduct, manage, and make validated decisions based on your Lean test results.

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