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Smart App Development

Our customers go through our prototype experience to determine true needs, requirements, initial design, top-level structure, flow, and estimated cost.

Planning up front and understanding the full picture through a prototype project saves money and time.

Designing the Perfect App

Step One: We discover your goals and vision for the app

Step Two: Our team takes a deep dive into functionality and requirements before ever starting

Step Three: We create a prototype and project estimate

How Big is Your
App Idea?

Building an app or a website is like building a house. Building a single level ranch with two rooms and a picket fence with standard appliances will cost much less than a five bedroom, multi-story home, with a commercial kitchen.

With the vast amount of variables possible our app customers go through our prototyping process so when development starts there are no surprises.

Prototype Project

App Prototypes starting at $3,500
Eliminate Confusion. Focus on the Need

Deliverables Include:
• Flat image prototype with basic transitions and flow.
• Project Estimate
• Basic Structure and Flow Guide
• Initial Designs in Adobe XD Format

Prototypes Are Perfect for:
• Pitching to Investors and Raising Capital
• Presenting to Department Heads and Decision Makers
• Understanding Full Scope of App Projects Pre-Development

Step one – Discovery, Goals, & Vision
Step two – Deep Dive & Requirements
Step three – Prototype & Estimate

App Development

Methodical Plans. Expert Execution.

Deliverables Include:
• Fully test app ready for launch
• Completed app launched to app store(s)
• 30 days post launch support
• Training & documenation
• Code fully released upon final invoice
• Supporting Services and credentials

Step one – Development
Step two – Testing
Step three – Launch The App

Post Launch Services

Step Three
Look to the Future. Focus on the Need.

To use the home analogy again. Apps and websites need to be cared for at minimum and sometimes improvements need to be made or are wanted just like when you own a home. Maintenance and improvements will show users you are engaged as a company and working to make their customer experience the best it can be.

Post Launch Service:
• Collect Feedback
• Maintenance
• Expand and Update if needed

What We’ve Built



Metamorph is an app that takes basic brain training games to help users memorize groups of bible verses. This app has a year plans to evolve based on user feedback and usage. New games and improvement to the user experience was on the drawing board from day one.



Hebrew Flashcards allows you to learn the Hebrew alphabet with ease. We build in quizzes, alphabet references, four different character styles, and a robust practice mode. You will be learning the sights and sounds of Hebrew before you know it!

List Engine

Get Organized with Better Lists

List Engine is a simple to use, yet powerful app that allows you to manage ALL of your lists in a simple and intuitive way. At any point you can group your items by store, list, or custom tag — that way when you’re shopping at the store you can simply view ALL items from every list that you need to get from that store.


Digital Programs for Schools, Churches, and More!

In an effort to eliminate unwanted waste, printing costs, logistical cost Shindig has created a totally digital program for anything from school plays to high school football games. Check programs, dates, times and more. Admins are able to manage the entire system from a web portal and backend experience.

Dreampad Sleep App

Music to help you sleep

Dreampad is an app that works with the Dreampad Pillow and other accessories. However, the music that the app contains is the real secret sauce as the music has been engineered with scientifically proven techniques that improve your sleep. Although it can be used for anyone there is high benefit for those that face PTSD, autism, trauma, etc.

Prayer and Praise

Daily Prayer and Praise Journal

Prayer and Praise is an app that allows you to write down your prayers and praises, repeat them, write how prayers have been answered or when you need to have a special reminder for a birthday, hospital visit, etc. Use the Reflect portion of the app to look back and see how prayers have been answered!

Canopy Airport Parking

Schedule and Manage Your DIA Parking Experience

Schedule and Manage DIA airport parking option for travelers in and around Denver. Application allows users to schedule reservations, request pickups and redeem customer loyalty points for parking deals from within the app.

Wurth Timberline App

Progressive Web App to Manage B2B Inventory

The Wurth PWA (Progressive Web App) allows Wurth customers to order and manage their inventory needs from a next generation web app that integrates into the Wurth inventory system allow for easier management of customers and orders.


Reaction Single/Multi Player Game

Zap is all about reaction time! 3...2...1... wait for it... ZAP! Which every player hits their circle first without jumping the gun is the winner. Play against harder and harder CPU opponents with blistering speed. What is your reaction time?

Captain Pete's Treasure Hunt

Find all the Pearls of Wisdom with Captain Pete

Captain Pete's Treasure Hunt allows players to shoot various tools to try and collect various pearls of wisdom in hard to get places. Kids can solve fun puzzles that involve timing and positioning. Collect all the pearls to beat the game!

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