Welcome JCI Marketing Customers

We’re deeply humbled to have you as part of the Never Settle family! If there is anything we can do to make your transition more smooth please don’t hesitate to reach out. We specialize in bringing enterprise solutions to small businesses and are excited to help take your company to the next level!

Never Settle

Globally recognized digital agency trusted by over 850 businesses. Specializing in eCommerce, Web Design, Branding, Marketing, and Consulting that you can trust your business needs with!

“We are so fortunate to have you as our partner! Thank you and your team so much! This is absolutely above and beyond. “

Krista Eichten – SVP, Sanitas Skincare

“Working with the team at Never Settle has been a dream as they are skilled, efficient, kind, and all-around wonderful to work with. They have given us a fantastic upgrade and we are so glad we made the decision to move forward with them! “

Lindsay Bird – Stop for the One

“Your team is phenomenal. From Sweet Jaymi, to Dave, to Kenn, your partnership, expertise, encouragement, kindness, and patience have far exceeded my expectations.”

Julie Adams – Author & Speaker, @adamsteaching

“I love the professionalism and responsiveness we’ve come to rely on from the Never Settle team, especially for our mission critical applications.”

Adam Wyatt – COO, BullBear Analytics

“The TouchPoint POS system has been a game changer for Urban Mattress, Smarter, Faster, Better. Touchpoint has made a significant impact on our business. The web based system allows us to track inventory, schedule deliveries and stay up to date with our performance and reporting. One of the features I really like is the referral report. I can see in real time where my ad dollars are working, and where they are not. The delivery piece really has been a lifesaver. Thanks Never Settle!”

Billy Williams, President

“Great job on the new website for Phil Vischer!”

David Needham – Founder, Enjoy Creativity

“Just a quick note to say THANK YOU so much for working with our team so well! We are so happy with the work and grateful for your thoughtful responses. We are learning so much!

Denise George – VP, Creative Trust Media

“I literally built my business by using this plugin. I create many websites per week and cloning them saves me hours.

The REPLACE feature is priceless.

AHHHH thank you thank you.”

Hector Perez Nieto – Founder, Tremble Digital

“Thanks for working through all of the challenges that have come up. Your team is truly skilled at taking a client’s vision for a project and crafting/creating solutions to achieve a concept that previously could only be imagined. Thank you!”

Laura Cyrus – Truckers Against Trafficking

Your Questions Answered

No changes will be made to your hosting. If JCI previously was maintaining and billing you for hosting Never Settle will now take that over, but your site will not be affected in any way.

One of the great things about this acquistion is that we’ve agreed to not change any fees to ensure that you still get the same service for the same affordable price. The great news is Never Settle also offers many other services that JCI could not, all at a price you can afford.

You still own all the content and resources on your site. If your site is hosted through us we own the hosting and uptime for it.

Brad Lendardson – he’s your personall 1:1 client representative and you can reach him anytime via email at brad@neversettle.it or by phone at 317-318-8393.

Yes! One thing JCI had been hoping to roll out for a long time was a monthly support and update package that would allow you to get monthly updates at a discount.  Never Settle has worked with JCI to create those packages allowing you to get the most for your budget, please see them below.

If it’s a simple update or change to your site simply feel free to email support@neversettle.it and our team will take care of you right away. If you’re looking to get help or discuss a new idea please email your personal client representative Brad Lenardson at brad@neversettle.it

Never Settle is a full blown digital agency that has specialized in bringing enterprise level solutions to small businesses at a price they can afford.  With that Never Settle can help you grow your business through our business strategy consultants, increase conversion through design and user experience updates, help with any print, design and branding, build out paid marketing campaigns, develop your next iOS or Android app, help you get into eCommerce and much more!

All billing will remain the same the only difference will be that now your bills will come from a Never Settle email address instead.  The great news is Never Settle also accepts online check payments so you don’t have to mail your payment in if you prefer not to.


Let us know how our team can help you today!

Custom Website Development


This is perfect for any business that really has unique needs and functionality they need to have on their site to accomplish their objectives. These could be a/b marketing landing pages, eCommerce, Learning Management Systems, Booking and Ticketing, integration into another system, Video Streaming, etc. Our team of experts can work with you to determine the best solution while being budget conscious getting you the most value for your money.

Site Redesign

FROM $4,500

Redesign and develop site to bring an upgraded modern look that also focuses on brand consistency and increased conversion. Have a Squarespace website that’s not performing or is out of date? You may need a simple restyle. We’ll take your content, organize it, maybe find new imagery, for better flow and function.

eCommerce Upgrade


Directly sell to your audience through your site in a simplified way. We’ll create your store, help with shipping logistics, and ecommerce reporting. Most people don’t think of themselves as eCommerce vendors but if you sell anything: merchandize, tickets, donations, etc. you could leverage the power of selling directly to your customers online.

We’ll set up your store and upload your first 10 products, completely optimized for SEO and social sharing. We’ll also teach you how to use your e-commerce tools.

Branding & Design

FROM $3,500

Whether you have a vision or not, we can bring your brand to the next level. This Branding package equips you with everything you need to get your business off the ground or take it to a new level. With a beautifully crafted logo, a fresh color palette, and a beautiful font to match, you’ll have everything you need to set your brand apart from the crowd so you can focus on what really lights you up – your business.

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More Services


SEO and Reporting

$300 per month

Connect Google Search Console – Gives us an up to the minute accurate report of what search terms your site is being found with and what is converting. Perform a keyword research, optimize your squarespace title tags, use keywords results in headers and meta descriptions, simplify urls where necessary, Turn on SSL Security (if not already).

Content and Social

$450 per month

– 2 piece of original content
– 6 social media posts

SEO, Content, Social, & Reporting

$550 per month

Everything from both offerings above

Business Growth Strategy

COST: $2,000

– Business evaluation assessment
– 2 hour 1:1 business consultation
– Business technology landscape
– Business strategy roadmap
– Brand review and recommendations

Print Design

FROM $1,500

Using your brand as the launching pad, we can create the perfect business card, brochure, sticker, or the perfect shirt design.