It wouldn’t be a Never Settle Podcast if we stayed focused on one topic alone. In this episode we take a look at what it really means to know that God’s (YHWH’s) Spirit is living inside of us. We spend so much time looking back at the Old Testament saying things like “That’s crazy how YHWH spoke through fire, or parted the red sea” and miss how CRAZY and mind blowing it is that YHWH put His Spirit inside of us. Everyone in the past was always looking forward to when Messiah would come thinking “That’s going to be so crazy when YHWH comes and puts His Spirit in people in the future”.

That quickly ties to Passover and how blessed and privileged we are to celebrate Passover in remembering how incredible it is that Yahushua came and fulfilled what everyone was looking forward to happen in the future.

During this time of Passover preparation and the New Year that just occurred 3 days ago, we are called to cleans the level from our physical houses and personal houses – our beings. We explore what this looks like, questions we’re asking, and how we’re applying that to our life.


Passion 2014 Francis Chan Talk (mentioned)


Expelled the Movie (referenced)

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  1. Dawn

    So happy that you guys are doing this again. I cant tell you how much it blesses me to be able to get to hear the 3 of you unpack biblical truths. I love that you all are so open to sharing your struggles and imperfections. What a safe place you guys have with each other. Im so glad you are willing to let the public get a peek into your world. I love the question Andrew proposed, “How do we transform our appetite”? What a great question to meditate on. I come to dry spells in my life and wonder how I got here and I have high spots in my life that I wonder how I got here and beg God don’t let me come down off this mountain because I feel so close to you. I think KW you are right on about takeing that step of faith , that that’s when we see His hand and hear His heart. That is definatly my faith builder. Not to say that many times I step too quickly or I hear wrong because my heart or flesh got in the way, but I have found that God still honor’s my willingness to move and He will redirect my path. As you said I don’t have the answers to a lot of things but this I know to be truth more than anything in my life and that is that My God is for me! I also was inspired to think more about what you said right in the beginning about the Spirit dwelling in us. It so says to me that we need to be more connected to the understanding of that because as you stated in the word God says we will do far greater things than these. None believers actually have a right opinion about God if we don’t walk in His spirit. They say how can He let little children starve? , and how can He allow sex trafficking? Why are there so many orphans? If we as Christians all were doing what God called us to do the world would see a different Christ. He leaves us here to be Him for believers, Oh man this was great. Im preaching to myself here. Just wanted you to know how you guys affect me. So keep doing your pod casts. Thanks Shaul for your vulnerability. I gotta tell you I so can relate and so can so many others. Oh and one more thing, the understanding of a leaper was so eye opening in the way of how sin or leaven can numb our nerve endings or our sensitivity towards God is so apparent in our walk with Him. Thanks for the great example. My counselor once gave me the best advice in just a few words that I will never forget and continually try to put into practice. She said that when I feel those pangs of pain to sit in it. She literally meant sit in it and allow the pain to do its purpose just like Andrew described. Cry, scream, allow yourself to just be still until it achieves healing. Its so worth it when you come out on the other side.Pain serves a purpose but if we run from it or numb ourselves from it , it can never bring about purpose. As KW said to me while we were together in Hawii, It may be very hard and painfull but it wont kill you. I keep telling myself this over and over as I walk through this issue that I am dealing with. Well don’t know if this makes any sense I think I ran a few rabbit trails, but all this to say thanks and keep doing it. Its also very nice to see KW on video. It helps me know hes not too far away . 🙂


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