Spent a little time today talking over what it looks like to integrate our pursuit of truth and the Kingdom into business practice including branding and on up to creating a board. Who should be in and on the board and how can we adequately define the business and brand as all encompassing life – in that we see and have no lines between business and personal – living on mission is about a holistic approach not one of segmentation.

Ex. 18:18-19
Prov. 1:5
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Is. 29:15
Matt. 5:12-15
Matt 5:43-48
Luke 12:34


  1. Joseph Dowdy

    It’s a funny thing about The Truth and The Gospel. It doesn’t matter if you are doing business with, if someone is not open to hearing it, you can’t change it. But when they are, then who would they turn to? If no one does business with them, then it’s less likely they will not turn to their friends and family because they will be like-minded and not grounded in The Gospel, so you will miss out on being there for them.

    It doesn’t mean that you should do business with murderers and crooks; I draw the line there. But when it comes to doing business, I leave religion out of it. Remember that Jesus spent his time with sinners and non-believers, so why is that not OK?

    • andrew

      Excellent thoughts, Joseph, and I would just add to what Kenn said: it IS completely OK and – as we see it – even Biblically mandated to engage with “the world” and those who believe differently (or not at all) in both business and private life. Hopefully that comes through in the podcast, but if not we’ll make a point of highlighting that more clearly in the future. One of the main concerns that we want to “audit” in our presentation of ourselves is: are we potentially coming across in stereotypical ways that alienate others by association with the darker side of human religion when our heart and goal is to be authentic examples of flawed but passionate ambassadors of love and Truth. I think it’s not so much about deciding who to do business with as it is about how to best represent our King and our identity as His children, consistently with His ways, no matter who were privileged to work with or for.

      Many thanks for chiming in! Great contribution!

  2. Kenn Kelly

    I think we would completely agree with your statement for the most part and appreciate the perspective. We absolutely befriend and help those that cross our paths and those that we can add value to. I think the core is that we never want our business lives separate from our personal lives but rather always be one whole being consistent on all levels regardless of our environment or circumstances. The other thing would be that line might be defined differently than robbers and murderers – but more in the light of if something was opposing the Kingdom we would not actively help that business, however helping people – there is no line there.


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