Test and Verify Order Fulfillment Documentation

Confirm that your WooCommerce store and Amazon are 100% wired and working correctly.
Note: These tests are only valid if all the test buttons on the settings page return successful results.
Test 1:

  1. Create a fake test product for a low price like $1 with a SKU that is NOT in FBA inventory and set it to fulfill with Amazon anyway.
  2. Purchase that and go through the full checkout process.

You should get an error returned from FBA to WooCommerce in the order notes (and by email) reporting a bad SKU. The test order will be set to the status “Fail to FBA” in WooCommerce. If that happens then you can be 100% sure your site is correctly talking to FBA and real orders with correct SKUs will definitely work.

Test 2:

For the full and accurate customer test, you can use a live product with active inventory in FBA.

  1. Create a product and temporarily set the price to $1 or create a coupon for 99% or 100% off to use in testing.
  2. Purchase that product with a live payment method (gateways in test mode also work). The order will be sent to FBA and create an order shipment.
  3. Log into Amazon Seller Central, go to FBA orders, and cancel that fulfillment order. It might not show up right away in the list of orders in the main queue. What we usually have to do is use the advanced search to return all dates / all orders from multi-channel fulfillment to find it right away.

If you only perform Test 1, you can still have a high level of confidence that it will work. Test 2 is a real-life test. We’ve never had a shipment inadvertently get processed and sent before canceling it in Amazon Seller Central. Normally, it can even take a few hours before it’s past the initial processing stages.