No data is sent to my Google Sheet… Documentation

You may find that once in a while you have issues with the Contact Form 7 data being sent to your connected Google Sheet.

There are a few possible reasons why this might be happening all of the sudden. Here are some questions to ask to troubleshoot the situation:

  1. Are you getting the Contact Form 7 emails from the form submission (is basic submission working at all in general)?
  2. Have you tried re-authenticating with Google to make sure that connection is established correctly?
  3. Have you checked your PHP error logs to see if there are any hints in there (check with your webhost if you are unsure how to check these)?
  4. Have you double checked all your names for the file / title / tab / etc? This is VERY important as your names must match EXACTLY (this includes CASE) or it will not work.

If your Contact Form 7 data is still not sending to your Google Sheet after trying all of the above, please open a support ticket over at and please provide us with the Log (or the link to the log) from the NS Google Sheets Connector settings page .