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WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment Documentation

Save tons of time and automate your order fulfillment with WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment!WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment integrates your WooCommerce store with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to enable automated order fulfillment and delivery.Your store must be in one of the following regions/countries served by Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS):

  • North America: United States, Canada
  • Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom (UK)
  • India
  • China
  • Japan

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Access to FulfillmentOutboundShipment.CreateFulfillmentOrder is denied

Typically, this means you might be trying to connect to the wrong server for your region or your MWS credentials are not correct. Confirm your settings for the connection between Amazon and WooCommerce under Setup and Configuration. Ensure that your region is correct in the dropdown. Note: UK marketplace belongs to the EU region.

Value for parameter DestinationAddress.PostalCode is invalid

The most common cause is a customer did not enter a properly formatted postal code for their area. Double-check the customer’s shipping address.

One of SellerSKUs and QueryStartDateTime is required

This typically indicates that the Test SKU field was left blank in your settings when you tried to test the inventory connection, or perhaps you have a product with a blank SKU that is set to fulfill with Amazon.

Value for parameter SellerId is invalid

This error: Failed to submit order to FBA (click for full log). Error Message: Value for parameter SellerId is invalid. Reason: InvalidValue. Usually means that the value you entered as your Merchant/Seller ID is incorrect. This should be detected when testing the connection. Double-check that you have copied and pasted the correct ID.

Value UnexpectedValue for parameter PerUnitDeclaredValue is invalid

If Amazon returns an error message that creates an Order Note and/or email notification similar to: Failed to submit order to FBA (click for full log). Error Message: Value UnexpectedValue for parameter PerUnitDeclaredValue is invalid. Reason: 1 error: The field Per Unit Declared Value has a value of EUR, was expecting GBP This means that…
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Test and Verify Order Fulfillment

Confirm that your WooCommerce store and Amazon are 100% wired and working correctly. Note: These tests are only valid if all the test buttons on the settings page return successful results. Test 1: Create a fake test product for a low price like $1 with a SKU that is NOT in FBA inventory and set…
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Product Settings

FBA needs to be enabled for each product in your Amazon FBA inventory, following configuration of the plugin and shipping settings above. This can be done two ways. Go to WooCommerce > Products and: Toggle the FBA switch on/off as needed. OR Select Edit, and go to the Amazon Fulfillment tab under Product Data and tick the Fulfill with Amazon FBA checkbox.…
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Setup and Configuration

To set up Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for your store, settings must be configured for: The plugin Shipping Products Plugin settings To configure the plugin on your WooCommerce store, have ready your login and password for your Amazon Professional Seller account. Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Integration. Select the region/country that applies to your store under Register…
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Understanding How it Works with WooCommerce

The key to understand is that everything about your customer’s e-commerce experience on your site is still handled by WooCommerce. NS FBA doesn’t duplicate or replace any functionality from payment gateways to coupons to checkout to even shipping methods (see more on mapping Amazon shipping speeds to WooCommerce shipping methods here: https://neversettle.it/documentation/ns-fba-woocommerce/how-to-use-shipping-speeds-woocommerce-fba/ ). Because of this,…
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Sign up for an Amazon Pro Seller account

You must have an active Amazon Professional Seller account and enable Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services to use our WooCommerce Fulfillment by Amazon plugin. Go to Amazon Services at Amazon Seller Central and sign up for a Professional Seller account. If you already have an Amazon account, sign into your account on the same screen and check…
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Shipping Settings

To configure shipping options in WooCommerce for FBA: Understand that Amazon handles massive fulfillment quantities via contracts with numerous national and international shipping companies. If you were shipping the products yourself, you’d use UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc. But when fulfilling with Amazon, the actual shipping process is a black box. You need not be concerned…
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How Inventory Levels Syncing Works

First, you need to correctly configure WooCommerce to handle stock / inventory. Then, make sure you have enabled the NS FBA plugin settings for syncing stock levels under WooCommerce > Amazon Fulfillment. Once those are both set up, the NS FBA plugin will automatically pull inventory numbers from FBA depending on whether you’ve enabled one…
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How to Handle Multiple Currencies in WooCommerce

The challenge with FBA and multiple currencies is that Amazon Fulfillment only allows one currency to be submitted with order data and it MUST match the currency of your Seller Central account’s home region. By default NS FBA passes WooCommerce’s configured currency through to Amazon, which works fine for a majority of e-stores. However, if…
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Shipping Costs and Fees

Does NS FBA charge fees for shipping or handle the collection of payment at checkout? No. NS FBA has nothing to do with collecting payment from the customer or determining shipping options (these are both 100% handled by WooCommerce). NS FBA’s only job is to move raw data from WooCommerce to FBA. However, it’s important…
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WooCommerce Reporting and Custom Order Statuses

It’s important to note that there has been a bug in WooCommerce since version 2.2.10 that prevents custom order statuses from being shown properly in the reports section. This is something that NS FBA can’t control or get around. We documented it and submitted a ticket here (but so far WooCommerce has not responded): https://wordpress.org/support/topic/wc-2210-broken-filter-woocommerce_reports_order_statuses…
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How to Handle Multiple Amazon Regions/Marketplaces and International Shipping

The plugin supports international fulfillment through FBA as long as your FBA policy allows it. You have to have the international export services active on your Amazon Seller and FBA account. However, you can also use the settings to turn OFF international fulfillment, and the plugin will not send orders to Amazon which have a…
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How to Handle Both Automatic and Manual Fulfillment with WooCommerce and FBA

NS FBA for WooCommerce supports automatic and manual fulfillment with WooCommerce using FBA – in a single order! It facilitates this powerful functionality by detecting when a customer has added both an FBA-fulfilled product and a non-FBA product to the same cart. The customer still has a single, seamless checkout process. And every product that can…
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How to Test Order Fulfillment

It always takes a few minutes for FBA to process things, so here’s our normal testing procedure to validate that things are 100% wired and working correctly inside NS FBA and WooCommerce. There are a couple options. IMPORTANT: THESE TESTS ARE ONLY VALID IF ALL THE TESTS ON THE SETTINGS PAGE RETURN SUCCESS.  1) Create…
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How to Configure Product Bundles

If your Woocommerce setup incorporates the use of Woocommerce Product Bundles, great! NS FBA works alongside any extensions or add-ons for Woocommerce. When adding and configuring bundle products, the key point to understand is that bundles aren’t products themselves, bundles just add individual products to an order all at once. The individual products within the bundle product are…
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Can I Import my Amazon Product data into WooCommerce?

No. This plugin currently only syncs stock level numbers. However, this is a common feature request, and it is on our radar. If you have a large number of products in Amazon, you can export the raw product data from Seller Central in CSV format and then use one of the many CSV product import…
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FBA Inventory returns 0 Units for SKU

When testing your inventory you may receive a message that reads: “Inventory Test Success! There are 0 units of XXXXXX in FBA stock.” This may be a little confusing as the inventory connection test was a success, however the test reported 0 units for a particular SKU and you KNOW that you have units available in your…
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Invalid Request. The Product ID was Empty. Activation Error.

If you run WordPress Multisite and network activate NS FBA for WooCommerce and WooCommerce you may receive the error below when trying to activate your license: We believe this is due to a WordPress bug when network activating NS FBA for WooCommerce and WooCommerce. If you activate both NS FBA for WooCommerce and WooCommerce per site…
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Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context.

On this error with WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment activated: Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home/site/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ns-fba-for-woocommerce/lib/class-ns-fba-outbound.php on line 491 The cause is your hosting environment is using a PHP version older than 5.5. Check with your host about upgrading to 5.5 or later, or find the PHP version management tool in…
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Add an Admin Account in WordPress

In order to provide the fastest support for your ticket, it is helpful if you include an Administrator username and password to your site so our support team can take a look at your issue right away. We recommend that you create a temporary admin login, which can then be deleted once we are finished…
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