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The NS Cloner is the most complete WordPress Multisite Cloning solution out there. Originally developed years ago for WPMU back when Multisite was called “Multi User” and was a completely separate code base from the WordPress core, it has been refined through 3 major versions. It has been engineered specifically to save the Multisite Network Administrator numerous clicks and enormous amounts of time managing sites in a WPMS installation while ensuring maximum stability. Our Never Settle ethos behind plugin development is that complicated processes should not require a complicated user experience. We strive to make really complex operations incredibly simple and intuitive to control. The NS Cloner is the epitome of this core value. Our extensive feature comparison grid below demonstrates why this is the biggest WordPress site cloner toolbox available. But first…

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Save the most money to start cloning WordPress sites right away by choosing one of our Bundle options. The more features you add through bigger bundles the more you save! If you want to see why this is the best WordPress cloner then explore the comprehensive feature list below. If you only need 1 or two add-ons no problem! Bundles provide the most savings, but the NS Cloner was designed specifically to allow you to build your own cloning solution.

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  • Click for Features WalkthroughContent and Users Add-on
  • Search and Replace Add-on
  • Table Manager Add-on
  • Registration Templates Add-on
  • Future Bonus Add-ons
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  • 5 Installs

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Here is a detailed feature grid for all current NS Cloner Add-ons. It’s a LOT! We know! That’s what sets the NS Cloner apart from all the other cloning, copying, and duplicating plugins out there. This is the only WordPress plugin where you will find ALL these features in a consistent and time-saving interface with both a build-your-own option and a bundle and save option. We are also constantly improving each and every add-on as well as adding entirely new add-ons. By purchasing an add-on or a bundle you will also get free updates according to our Licensing Policy. If you purchase an add-on and find that you want more power and start wishing you had gone with a Bundle, just reach out to us and let us know. We’re always happy to work with customers to find the right balance of protecting their original investment while making sure that we’re able to sustain development and innovation in our products. We’re constantly adding to and refining our documentation for all these features, but If you have any questions about how any of them work, please let us know!

  • Features

  • Clone Main Site (ID=1)
  • Clone Any Subsite in Network
  • Clone in 1 Click from All Sites Page
  • Clone Over any Existing Site
  • Clone Over multiple Existing Sites
  • Copy all Posts and Pages
  • Copy all Taxonomies
  • Copy all Menus
  • Copy all Files like Images
  • Copy all Theme Settings
  • Copy all Plugins Settings
  • Copy all Site Options
  • Copy all Users On / Off
  • Choose Post Types to Copy
  • Turn File Copy On / Off
  • Turn File URL Update On / Off
  • Add Additional Site Admins
  • Search & Replace on Main Site
  • Search & Replace on any Site
  • Search & Replace on multiple Sites
  • Search & Replace on all Sites
  • Unlimited Search & Replace Terms
  • Chose Specific Tables to Clone
  • Configure Site Templates for Sign-up
  • Configure Site Custom Fields
  • Add Template Select to site Sign-up
  • Auto Clone User Site on Sign-up
  • Automatic Plugin Updates
  • These features are available in the following bundles