Where do I find the Cloner in the WordPress Dashboard? Documentation

The NS Cloner is located in the Network Admin Dashboard of your WordPress Multisite installation:

The Cloner is primarily intended for WordPress Multisite administrators who are comfortable working with lots of individual sites / blogs under a single WordPress installation. If some of these terms aren’t very familiar to you or if you aren’t sure what the difference between WordPress single site and multisite is, then the Cloner is probably not a tool that you need.

The NS Cloner will NOT do anything on a WordPress single site installation. It is strictly for use in a multisite environment.

If you are new to WordPress Multisite you can start learning about it here:


There are also literally millions of tutorials and articles on the web that cover using and working with a Multisite network.

Depending on your technical abilities, if you’ve never worked with Multisite before – correctly setting up and configuring a WordPress network and using the Cloner might be a bit like jumping in the deep end to learn how to swim. But if you’re a fast learner you have just discovered a really powerful way of running and managing multiple WordPress sites. However, if the steps in the article above sound scary, then it might not be best to dive in all at once.

Please note that we cannot provide support on WordPress Multisite installation / configuration / troubleshooting / etc.