NS Cloner is officially a WP Engine Recommended WordPress Plugin!

Big News! NS Cloner Pro has recently been selected to be an official WP Engine Recommended WordPress Plugin! NS Cloner has been a great asset to many in order to easily copy WordPress sites in Multisite with one click, so it only makes sense that WP Engine would recognize NS Cloner as an official WP…
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You heard that right! NS FBA for WooCommerce is now exclusively offered through the WooCommerce Marketplace and has been aptly renamed WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment! We’ve teamed up with WooCommerce to make NS FBA for WooCommerce more powerful than ever! This new transition to the WooCommerce marketplace will only strengthen our continuation to improve and expand…
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Amazon Acquires Whole Foods and The Future of eCommerce

I’m sure you’ve heard that Amazon acquired Whole Foods for 13.7 billion dollars – but, do you know why this will accelerate the ripples already made in the future of eCommerce and retail?   If you’re doing anything in retail, this is one thing you cannot afford to miss #amazon #wholefoods #acquisition Even before Amazon acquired…
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Lift Off Summit – All Things eCommerce

With more conferences and digital summits than one can imagine, another one enters the world today.  So, why did I choose to be part of this one? The reason was that, despite there being a vast ecosystem of eCommerce related information available, there is no great resource that combines all things eCommerce.  The Lift Off…
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How to Price Your Product with WooCommerce A/B Price Testing

How to price your product is a complicated question! Ensuring you're offering the right price for your products and services is one of the most important things to get right as an eCommerce vendor. https://youtu.be/ks8tIKLaEU4 The basics of how to price your product At a bare minimum you need to research competitors, the market you're in,…
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Top 7 eCommerce Trends to Follow Going Into 2017

With eCommerce being one of the fastest growing industries on the planet - do you feel prepared going into 2017 to capitalize on this hyper growth market? If not, no worries now is the time. Making even a few of the top 7 eCommerce trends now will ensure your setup for success with your eCommerce…
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WordCamp Denver 2016 – eCommerce

Each year I'm more impressed with the WordCamp Denver volunteer team! They continue to set the bar of what a high caliber professional WordCamp can be.  This year we had fantastic sponsors and a great range of speakers, many of which were local.  While there was a wide range of topics, I had the honor…
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Product of the Week #11: NS Music Pack Volume 1

Get your groove on with the NS Royalty Free Music Pack Volume 1 We really broke the mold this week and went after one of the Never Settle staffs passions.... music! Music has been a big part of all our lives in one way or another over the years. From touring and playing music professionally…
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Product of the Week #10: NS Slidebar WordPress Sidebar Plugin

Leave us a comment and let us know what additional features you would like to see in the best WordPress Sidebar Plugin and we'll take a look! Download NS Slide Bar for Free! Expanded CTA's no Search Results Custom Styles Sidebar Collapsed Search Results and CTA's
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