NS WordPress Plugin Template

Product Information

This is the same plugin template we use in-house at Never Settle to start most of our plugin projects. We found that we were doing a lot of the same things over and over again, so we built this to save ourselves time and now we are sharing it with the WordPress Community!

NS WordPress Plugin Template Features:

Here are some of the example techniques included in this Plugin Template

  1. General file structure
  2. Lots of comments and TODO items to help you know what to change
  3. Using a class approach to building a plugin
  4. Minimal variable updates by re-using class level variables for things like the plugin name and slug
  5. Using common WordPress hooks and filters
  6. Creating an admin menu item under the Settings menu
  7. Implementing the WordPress Settings API
  8. Very basic responsive settings page including a banner
  9. Creating a Sidebar that has its own widget system and can pull data from a feed on your WordPress site (this is more of an advanced feature that we use on our own plugins and it requires additional know-how to tweak for your needs). It can also be removed completely if you don’t need / want it.

Great Starting Template for WordPress Plugin Development

Never Settle Code WordPress Template

This free WordPress plugin template is designed to be used as starting point for a new plugin. It will save you the time of putting in place a file structure, adding common files, creating a basic plugin class, wiring common hooks that you might need, adding an admin menu item, and more. It uses many common, standard WordPress techniques for frequently needed basic plugin features. It is well commented with TODO items to know where to customize it for your own needs.


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