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NS Slidebar - WordPress Sidebar Slider Plugin

The NS Slidebar is a Free WordPress Sidebar Plugin, which allows you to simply add a sliding search and widget panel to your site without modifying any code – simply install and activate the plugin and you’re all set. This WordPress sidebar plugin is a very clean and simple way to add non intrusive Calls to Action (CTAs) or other valuable content in the header area without crowding it out.

One of the largest challenges for any site is getting the right information in front of visitors without distracting them or cluttering the site. With the NS Slidebar you can get all the UI and UX benefits of any beautiful theme and still allow additional important content to slide out unobtrusively and on demand.

Let us know what additional features you would like to see in the best WordPress Sidebar Plugin and we’ll take a look!

Features of the NS Slidebar WordPress Sidebar Plugin

  1. Automatically add a sliding panel and content area for widgets to your site
  2. Integrate unobtrusive site search onto every page of your site through the slide out sidebar
  3. Add any content to your dynamic sliding sidebar via its built-in widget area
  4. Customize all the settings for the sidebar like button text, image, width, and search results properties
  5. Includes several hooks for developers to extend it further

Check it out in action on this site

NS Slidebar Search and Widget Area Side Bar

We built the Slidebar for our own site and decided to share it with the awesome WordPress community. Check out a live demo of the plugin in action. Go click it in the top right! Use the Search. Click our stuff and buy it! 🙂


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