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Ever wanted to have your custom fields evaluated as part of the post’s content in the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin’s keyword statistics? Or automatically generate meta descriptions from a custom field instead of the main content area? With NS Automation for WordPress SEO, now you can!

For architecturally-advanced sites that use ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) or another post meta framework to store different parts of a post/page/custom post type’s content, WordPress SEO’s usually-helpful keyword statistics and meta description generation can become skewed since it doesn’t take all that custom field content into account.

That is a problem of the past with this premium plugin, though, which enables you to effortlessly:

Include an unlimited number of custom fields (included Advanced Custom Fields – text, wysiwyg, repeater AND flexible content!) in the WordPress SEO content analysis statistics & scoring.
Define separately which fields will be included in the scoring for each content type – pages, posts, and of course custom post types!
Specify a custom field (also configurable separately per post type) to generate the SEO meta description from in place of the main content editor. The plugin will perform a smart-analysis on the field if it’s too long and shorten it while avoiding awkward partial sentences.
Create multiple meta description fallbacks (which support WordPress SEO variables like %%title%% for increased flexibility!) which will be used in case the specified custom field for a particular post is empty, thus ensuring that even if the field you were extracting meta descriptions from gets left empty somehow on a post here and there, they will still have solid, unique meta descriptions.

If you build or manage a site or sites that use custom fields for content and Yoast’s WordPress SEO for great SEO results, NS Automation is a risk-free investment that will help you kick that process to the next level.

The best way is to use the Request Support feature built right into the plugin itself! You can also email support@neversettle.it or open a ticket on support.neversettle.it

The settings will be accessible by going to “NS Custom Automation” in the “SEO” menu of the admin area. Please note that you must have WordPress SEO by Yoast installed before the settings page for this plugin can be accessible.

The settings are divided into two simple tabs, based on the plugin’s main areas of functionality – Keyword Analysis and management of Meta Descriptions. Under both tabs, you’ll find boxes for each post type: pages, posts, custom post types, etc. Those can be expanded by clicking on them, and you can then customize the settings separately for each post type by entering the names of the custom fields which you would like to be integrated into the keyword analysis and meta descriptions, respectively. Each tab provides built-in hints and visual help which will make it seem even simpler it sounds!

Both are related plugins developed by Never Settle.

NS Custom Fields is the free, basic version of NS Automation (the plugin you’re looking at now). It enables inclusion of up to 3 custom fields in the Yoast/WordPress SEO content keyword analysis, but does not support setting different fields for custom post types, adding unlimited number of custom fields to the content analysis, or generating smart meta descriptions from custom fields.

NS Automation supports all of that and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so you can give it a try risk-free!

Both require installation of WordPress SEO by Yoast, and both are standalone, i.e. when you upgrade and install NS Automation you can disable/remove NS Custom Fields without impacting functionality.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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