WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment

You heard that right! NS FBA for WooCommerce is now exclusively offered through the WooCommerce Marketplace and has been aptly renamed WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment!

We’ve teamed up with WooCommerce to make NS FBA for WooCommerce more powerful than ever! This new transition to the WooCommerce marketplace will only strengthen our continuation to improve and expand WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment to meet the ever growing needs and desires of the ever evolving online marketplace.

Why do you need WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment?

Automatically ship orders from your WooCommerce site to your customers with FBA. Through this extension Amazon will pick, pack, ship, and track orders for you!

Remove the hassle of fulfillment and spend more time creating and selling great products!

This integration is fast and easy to set up and comes with a variety of options ranging from complete auto-pilot all the way down to specific product shipping options if desired.


Configure Whole Store or Set Per Product

Easily toggle product fulfillment mode from the all products list or inside the individual product settings.


Compatible with ALL Amazon Regions Worldwide

Whether you’re selling domestically or internationally this extension will connect to any single Region and Marketplace in Amazon.


Track FBA Order Statuses inside WooCommerce

Easily see where every product is in the shipping lifecycle right from your standard orders page.


Offer Amazon Shipping Speeds to Your Customers

Map WooCommerce shipping options to Amazon’s shipping speed categories: standard, expedited, and priority.


Advanced Email Notifications

  • Shipment Created
  • Order Shipped
  • Order Tracking
  • Failed to Ship

Automatically Sync Stock Levels

Keep your WooCommerce stock levels synced from available inventory in Amazon and never oversell a product again.


Mixed Orders

Orders can contain both FBA and non-FBA products, and will still be partially fulfilled through Amazon.


Package Tracking for Customers

Your customers can access shipping and tracking information right from their View Order page.

Admins can also view the entire fulfillment history in the order notes.


Manually Send Orders to FBA

Manually send orders to FBA for one off special cases or if your process requires manually approving orders prior to shipping.